Hire A Cost Effective Virtual Receptionist

Virtual Reception

When you are building or working on your business it’s hard to manage growth effectively on your own. It’s easy to miss those random enquiries that with a little expertise can be converted so easily to a sale. In a perfect world you would be able to handle all calls personally whilst overseeing company strategy and operations. What you really need is another one of you, with the same focus and the same drive, but with the means and time to answer every call before it goes to voicemail. Hiring a ‘Virtual Receptionist’ gives you the freedom to do what you do best with the peace of mind that all potential and current clients will have their needs attended to.

Virtual reception is cost effective; you only pay for the time we are on the phone, not not during the times that the phone doesn’t ring. No hidden costs and no binding contracts…we are here when you need us. All calls that come through your office are answered professionally and dealt with in the way that suits your business. We offer you a devoted and professional experience.

We are not a call centre, our calls are answered by your own personal receptionist, not by different consultants each call. Relationships are built on your behalf and we take more than just a message. We know your business and your clients just as an ‘inhouse’ receptionist would. We understand that it is crucial in the success of any business for those calling not to feel as though they are being outsourced to an ‘answering service’ but are being heard by someone within the company.

Bronze Package

The bronze virtual reception package has been designed for small business, the sole operator in mind. This package is for the small business that recieve up to 16 calls a week, more importantly can grow with the assurance their phones are always answered.

Silver Package

The silver virtual reception package is for the independantly owned business that may receive regular calls from clients or customers. This package is for inbound calls of no more than 35 calls a week.

Gold Package

The gold virtual reception package is designed for businesses that have receive regular inbound calls. Often beauty salons, hairdressers, tradesmen fall into this category as customers are ringing to make appointments or obtain quotes. A business would expect to receive no more than 75 calls per week with this package.

Platinum Package

The platinum virtual reception package is designed for those businesses where their phones are quite active, receiving approximately 20-25 calls a day, receiving no more than 120 calls a week.