About Us

About Yours Truly Services

Yours Truly Services is a team of committed passionate and dedicated members offering Virtual Reception, Telemarketing, Office Assistance, Personal Assistance, Transcription, Email Campaigning, Business Marketing, Data needs, Bookkeeping and all needs in between.

Our Team is built with experience where there isn’t a service, sector, industry that doesn’t fall in our comfort area. We have the knowledge and experience in any field that comes our way to ensure that we provide the best results. We all have key strengths that are utilized in providing our clients with the premium service which has been the basis of our growth over the past years. We are able to meet any service or any requirement you have, at Yours Truly Services we have all your needs covered.

We understand that our success relies heavily on our clientele. This is why it is important that we only provide a premium service at competitive rates. Our mission statement since day one that will always remain is to be the best we can be, offer the services that businesses need with premium quality, promptness and a smile and to enjoy what we do.

Our Head Office is based in Northern New South Wales however, this by no way means that are we geographically limited, having the services that we offer we are bound by no location, dealing with clients all across Australia, whilst maintaining the feel to our clients that we are close by.

Yours Truly Services was created by Annette Saurine, starting her career in Office Management in the Building Sector becoming a key role in accounts management, customer relations, contractor dealings to reporting of project progress and then gradually moving to Personal Assistance in Telecommunications Industry. Office duties, requirements and involvement in the broad range of building and telecommunication sector Annette found her love for customer liaising, office management, talking, multi-tasking, multi levels of knowledge and multi-doing!

It was then after years of experience and learning that she realised that she somehow ‘found’ herself in the Virtual World, it’s a practice that has been done for years and hadn’t been given a title, 15 years ago it was the ‘office girl’ taking the work home to finish it so it would be completed on time to now the ‘office girl’ being Annette – the fantastic thing about this is how she realised the possibility of being the office girl for one business and supplying this to many businesses of all sectors and every industry

With technology and learning being so readily accessible – at times more than any of us are aware, the overall needs of a business can be dealt with externally, outsourced to us, feeling though we are a member of your team – this is what encapsulates the services of Yours Truly Services –we can and will do whatever you need from type a document, send out emails, telemarketing and even being your full time personal Virtual Receptionist when YOU need us, if you don’t need us for an hour, a day, a week or month, you can be assured that we are here ready for you when you do from a 15 minute job to endless hours we are there for your needs. We have become the key tool in the growth of streamlining office practices and business growth.

Yours Truly Services would like to be a part of assisting you and your business to reach its maximum goal, help you succeed, breathe easier and of course smile because you know that with Yours Truly all your needs are in capable hands.