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I would really like to give the biggest thank you to Annette and Yours Truly as I feel so very appreciative of her taking on my business as a client.

As a small business owner there are so many responsibilities and being able to have someone take one of the most important and time consuming roles off of my hands is so invaluable to me.

I feel that it has been an excellent business decision to have Annette answering my calls as this is what she does and she does it best of all.

Secondly, I am a much happier person in general as for me not having to answer the phone gives me more freedom on my days off and allows me to work on the salon floor stress free.

Thank you so much Annette.


Melbourne, VIC

Having opened a physiotherapy clinic this year the most exhausting part was returning phone calls, booking the diary and an inability to inform people we were running late. It became extremely exhausting.

We decided to give Annette and the team a try until we got an in house receptionist. It has worked so well however we have decided we don't need an in house receptionist. We can now focus on doing our job well and letting the girls deal with the booking/ phones/admin in a far more professional manner then we could ever do. I could not recommend Yours Truly enough and I am constantly told how excellent our receptionist is. Recently when we had our first child I knew that Annette and the team would be able to take care of everything at the clinic and they did a brilliant job. 10/10


Bondi Beach, NSW

Annette at Yours Truly Services offers a fantastic Virtual Admin assistance. Annette is the most consistently positive, helpful, thoughtful and conscientious person I have dealt with. The team that Annette has created is very friendly and professional, very focused on how they can assist me and my business. It is easy to tell that they know their performance will reflect on and affect the businesses they serve. Well done Yours Truly Services!


Glenn Innes, NSW

Annette and her team at Yours Truly have saved my sanity and my business and are such a pleasure to work with. I was getting so behind and disorganized I was losing valuable leads, and I was very frazzled and stressed before they came on board with my business.

I can’t recommend out sourcing to ‘Yours Truly Services’ enough; they will get you organized and work with you to get to know your business, are very professional and efficient, and I can now relax knowing nothing is missed, things get followed up in a timely manner, and I am constantly amazed at what they can do to help me run my business more efficiently.



"I am a clinical psychologist working in private practice and have been utilizing the services of "Yours Truly" for the last seven months. Not knowing how effective the system would be and whether it would be well received by my clients, my initial intent was to trial it for a time. I have been very impressed with the service and have every intention of continuing to use it. Not only has Annette at "Yours Truly" consistently and efficiently managed all of my bookings and appointments, she has also managed to bring a personal touch to her service which has endeared her to all of my patients. She patiently and courteously deals with all clients and uses her initiative in dealing with more challenging or urgent cases. I am very happy to recommend her service to others."

Best wishes,

Hawthorne, QLD

ICML found YTS after looking for a small reliable organisation to take care of a Telemarketing campaign. Our key contact Annette was impressive from the start, with a personable, yet highly professional approach. Annette organised and implemented the Telemarketing campaign with her team successfully and provided strong reporting.

Subsequently we had the need for Virtual Reception services. Because of YTS professionalism and great telephone voices, YTS was and is a standout from their competition. The YTS team has been working and been seen by clients as an integral part of our business.

Annette and team have regularly gone beyond the telephone services to provide additional support, such as sending emails on behalf of ICML, doing research into software options and actively selling our services.

The flexibility and professionalism that YTS deliver can provide a leap forward in customer service for a small and medium business, and offer opportunities for flexible and effective outsourcing for an organisation of any size.

Being located thousands of kms from each other has in no way been an impediment to great communication and highly effective services. It should be no surprise that ICML warmly recommends Annette and her team. For any further questions, we are happy to answer any telephone enquiries.


Melbourne, VIC

I have been utilizing the services of Yours Truly Services for over three years now. During this time I have had the confidence to grow my own business knowing that I am supported by a committed, enthusiastic and professional person such as Annette Saurine and her team. It is without hesitation I would recommend – actually, I would implore you to use her services, you won’t be disappointed. Your business and your clients will feel the difference immediately.


Mackay, QLD

Annette is what I call a ‘wizard on the phone’.

She has the ability to investigate without you knowing it,

she is great in telesales because she makes it a must to get to know your product or services before she is selling it

and she is irreplaceable when it comes to organising – anything.

If you don’t have the time to do the phone work – get Annette to do it, better.


Byron Bay, NSW

“Annette has been really efficient with getting the messages through and I must say it is a relief to be able to be out of the office or in a meeting and know that any calls coming through are being taken care of. In fact, when I have called the clients back, none of them have even mentioned that they were surprised someone else answered the phone, which is great. Annette is obviously a natural fit for my business!”


Woolloomooloo, NSW

I recently used the services of Annette Saurine. I needed to have a database of nearly 1000 business contacts made into an excel spreadsheet to use as a postal mailing list. I provided Annette with the information in a very long and messy word document that I had compiled; she did a very good job in quick time at a competitive price. Her work had a high level of accuracy and she went beyond the original request and added each contacts email address and phone number as well. I also noticed that Annette had an excellent telephone manner which left me in no doubt as to why she also offers services like telesales. I am happy to recommend her services to others who need a virtual assistant for their own business activities.


Leichhardt, NSW

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